Crime Scene Cleanup

Indeed, the tragedy that life’s consequences often bring may require our services—despite that, we wouldn’t wish trauma and death upon anybody. But if you have the need for a crime scene cleanup, then know that we are here to aid you on the road to healing and recovery. Throughout the entire ordeal, we provide professional and compassionate services to families, friends and employers, who are going through traumatic and tragic times, whether it’s losing a dear friend to an accident, a loved one to suicide, or a homicide and industrial accidents—you can be sure that our highly trained and empathetic field technicians are completely experienced and competent in all the necessary steps to return your home or business to a safe and comfortable condition.


crime scene cleanup

Cleaning up and decontaminating the crime scene from decomposing bodies, homicides, suicides, industrial accidents, hoarders, tear gas, blood, bodily fluids and other terribly infectious materials. These situations are upsetting indeed, and they can be dangerous and troublesome to clean. We at Renegade Restoration will try our utmost in finding the perfect biohazard cleanup crew to give you high-quality service while cleaning and treating the crime scene cleanup with dignity.

For your privacy and confidentiality, we can employ discreetly marked vehicles for your use. We document each and every step that we performed in detail for your insurance company, or the compliance department.

And if you require the kind of cleaning services that the typical cleaning service just won’t do, look no further. Upon leaving your zip code, we at Restoration Renegades will seek out the ideal cleanup crew.

Because we work with biohazards such as blood, the employees wear a suit that completely covers their body, to keep each and every speck of biohazards out. They wear rubber gloves in order to make little to no contact with the waste that they clean up, complete with a mask that shields their eyes and mouth, complete with holes for filters.

The average cleanup job can last from 10 hours to two days. The first hour is mostly spent setting up a suitable control room, an area where people can enter and exit without the risk of waste. Every article of furniture and clothing is completely covered in plastic sheets.

For blood and waste, if it seeps through the floor, the floor may be cleaned two or three times to be sure—all the way to the second layer of wood on a floor, if need be.

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