HVAC Discharge Line Repair by Restoration Renegades

Ever noticed a pool of water near the interior unit of your air conditioning system? While this can be a problem, it’s probably easy to fix. One of the most common reasons that you might find a leak from your interior unit is because the condensate drain line is clogged with dirt, dust, algae, or mold. Fortunately, there’s an easy process that you can use to clean it out, one that will not require an AC repair right away.

At Restoration Renegades, we understand that you would often prefer to do simple AC maintenance yourself. We’re glad to give you some basic knowledge so that it’s easier to determine if you can do it yourself or if you need a professional from our team. Call 817-203-2575 or contact us online.

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Steps of HVAC Discharge Line Reapir

HVAC Discharge Line Repair by Restoration Renegades

Turn Off the Power

When it comes to any AC repair or maintenance job, make sure that you turn off the power before starting the work. Turn the power off at the thermostat and at the electrical box.

Find the Drain Pan

It’s useful to know the location of the drain pan because there are a few steps to AC maintenance that require that knowledge -- including cleaning the condensate drain line. If the evaporator coil is inside of the building, you’ll find a drain pan near the indoor AC unit. If the drain pan is filled with water, then it's probably a clogged condensate drain. Use a wet shop vac to remove the water.

Get Rid of the Blockage

Inspect the drain to make sure that a clogged condensate line is actually the reason for the water in the pan. If this line is clear tubing, you should be able to set the clog.

A shop vac is a great tool to have around when conducting quick AC repair and maintenance. One of the easiest ways to get rid of most of the material blocking water flow through the line is to use this vacuum to clean it out. The suction will clean out most of the gunk that has built up so that you can get the remaining debris easily. If needed, use a small brush to loosen debris.

Clean Out the Drain

Afterward, clean the line with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Since some kind of growth from the dampness is likely the reason that the line is clogged, both chemicals will be able to kill the cause of the growth. Don’t like the smell? Simply clean the line out with some hot water.

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