Animal Decomposition and Waste

possum in backyard

There are people that tend to lose control over their pets and are faced with their pets treating the room as a gigantic litter box. Or perhaps there are people that deal with animals in a different way altogether, such as being employed in a slaughterhouse and need help in disinfecting and cleaning up any biohazards and waste. With pets, cat urine can be overpowering, especially if there are multiple cats in one house—and unfortunately, cat urine has crystals that can latch onto surfaces and it can get very difficult or impossible to remove. The smell of cat urine can penetrate so deeply that it takes more than one cleanup in order for the odor to be fully removed. When the cat and dog urine and feces is so terrible that the only other choice is to remove the carpet and inspect the padding and subfloor, then it simply needs to be replaced.

In general, to maintain hygienic upkeep of slaughterhouses, for particularly bad stains that just won’t go away with regular washing, you may need to call a biohazard cleanup professional that specializes in animal waste cleanup. There are also animal hoarders, people who mean perfectly well when they take in animals—usually these people take in a large quantity of animals to save them from being euthanized, or they take in these animals because they may have been abused. The only portion where we feel the need to intervene is when animal feces are piled up everywhere and there are people living in the house, as well, stepping over animal droppings and living in health-threatening situations. To fully disinfect and clean up the entire place, we recommend calling professionals who can fully disinfect and clean your home to its original state.

Animal Waste and Cleanup

When the animals have been removed from the home and any repairs that were needed are finished, we can also clean up any droppings, urine, hair, odor, parasites and even food wastes, including:

  • Feces
  • Disinfection and Deodorizing
  • Insulation Replacement
  • Decaying dead animals in home or on property
  • Animal Hoarding
  • Trash Clean-Out
  • Estate Clean-Out

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If you or someone you know is currently going through a situation that affects your home, or you know of a situation that requires animal waste and cleanup, it is wise not to fix the problem through do-it-yourself methods. Not only is it unsafe to do this without the proper equipment and materials, but also, you are exposing yourself to use the improper and unnecessary steps, which can eventually worsen the situation even further. Don't delay and hire a professional today, with the help of Restoration Renegades.

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