Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage Restoration

Here are some common questions that our customers usually ask:

Several common causes for water damage include-

  • 📜 HVAC leaks
  • 📜 Plumbing errors
  • 📜 Faulty equipment
  • 📜 Natural catastrophes such as storm, flood

You can call Restoration Renegades at 817-203-2575 or contact us online. Whether it has occurred in a residential or commercial area you can find the best Restoration Renegades near your Zip Code.

The consequences of water damage can be serious, but the symptoms may not manifest themselves until it is too late to take action. It has the potential to cause progressive structural deterioration as well as the formation of mold, both of which can lead to severe health risks.

You may see the following signs:

  • 📜 Dump smell
  • 📜 Discolored wall
  • 📜 High utility bill
  • 📜 Mold contamination
  • 📜 Warping of the wall

We provide a free consultation and will help you to submit a claim to your insurance company for the cost of repairing any water damage. There are many factors to ponder such as the degree of damage, materials used for restoration, the costs of the experts, and many more. So it is very hard to provide a solid estimation before assessing the extent of the damage. But the contractors of Restoration Renegades always provide cost-effective services to their customers.

Yes, some of our enlisted contractors provide damaged content restoration services. You can find a local contractor who can serve your special restoration requirements here at Restoration Renegades.