Damage Restoration Caused by Hurricane in Your Local Area

Damage Restoration Caused by Hurricane

Water damage or flooding from heavy rains, intense winds that can shatter walls and cause structural damage to your property, and storm surges that can swiftly engulf your home if it's near a coastal zone are all examples of hurricane damage that could affect your home.

Restoration Renegades is the company to count on for getting the storm damage restoration services. We contract with superior restoration companies and help bring their highly-trained technicians and services to you. Ask about our contractors' free inspections, and let Restoration Renegades' local contractors provide Hurricane damage restoration solutions. Call us at 817-203-2575 for further information.

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Why Choose Us for Storm Damage Restoration?

Why Choose Us for Storm Damage Restoration?

Storm Affected Areas of Your Home/Business

Storm Affected Areas
  • Roof- Your roof is the section of your house that has to resist the brunt force of a storm like a hurricane. This would weaken the structure of your roof, requiring additional time and money to repair or replace.
  • Sliding: Splits, cracks, chips, breaks, and holes in vinyl siding can easily occur during storm damage, due to both the wind and flying particles like hail. Dents are the most prevalent evidence of windstorm damage on metal siding. It's not uncommon for parts of aluminum siding to be completely removed after a severe storm.
  • Window- Hailstorms caused by the wind can shatter window glass and compromise the seal.
  • Indoor contents- After strong hail, high water ingestion often affects the HVAC system, and indoor flooding can damage building structures, furniture, and other equipment, as well as spread water-borne infections.
  • Fences- The most common cause of fence panels toppling over after a natural disaster is rotting pillars that can no longer sustain the pressure of stormy weather.

Rely on Us for Storm Damage Restoration

Restoration Renegades is a group of restoration companies that specializes in disaster recovery. Our service providers are licensed and bonded, and they can help you whenever you call them. Call us at 817-203-2575 or visit us online.