Shower and Tub Overflow

Shower & Tub Overflow

A shower or tub overflow can quickly be the cause of water damage if you don't take quick action. Sometimes the root of the problem is much more severe than we think and can cost a hefty amount to get it repaired.

The best solution in such scenarios is to consult a professional water damage restoration company.

Restoration Renegades can provide you with a list of the best restoration companies in your area in one place. All you have to do is select your area zip code and preferred service. The next thing you know, a service provider will be there in no time.

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Causes of Shower & Bathtub Overflow Problems

  • Overflow drain: As time goes on, the gasket inside the drain can become brittle and cracked. This causes any water to reach the overflow and cause a massive leak.
  • Gasket: Once the water reaches the wall cavity(which is connected to the tub), this can cause the leak to go everywhere except through the drain where it is supposed to. That is why, checking the connection between the bathtub and overflow drain is of utmost importance, especially if you think that the seal or the gasket has been compromised.
  • Overflow plate: This includes the overflow plate being unsecured, allowing water to enter the overflow, and not allowing the tub to drain properly.
  • Seal: The seal around the shower parts can have minor cracks that might need re-caulking to close off any potential leaks.

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Tub Overflow

Problems Due To Tub Overflow

The damage from overflowing showers and bathtubs can be quite extensive, especially if the bathroom is located above the ground floor in your home or office. Overflowing water can seep into surrounding areas and damage or ruin floors, walls, furniture, ceilings, or worse cause an indoor flood. Water damage can then lead to mold problems.

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The disaster restoration companies we work with provide exceptional service and customer service. The companies in our network are known for the following:

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  • Not only can we repair but we can also restructure and remodel your bathroom.

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