Attic Water Damage Restoration Services

Most of the time, your attic suffers water damage when there is a leak in your roof. Attic water damage is a kind of structural damage that can cause molds to grow on your floors and walls and also other types of serious damage. Restoring attic water damage can be a hassle if you don't notice the damage at an early stage.

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Primary Action That You Can Take


If your attic is suffering from water damage, in many cases you must call for professional assistance. But before doing that, make sure to take some initial action to stop the damage from becoming more severe. Here are the steps you could follow:

  • Stop The Water: First, try to contain the leak. No matter what’s causing the water damage, it’s possible that there’s more extensive damage that isn’t necessarily visible to the eye. To keep damage from spreading, do your best to stop the leak.
  • Capture The Droppin Water: Track the water back to its source. If the drip is active, place a bucket or plastic sheeting beneath to capture water.
  • Drill A Hole: You may need to drill a small hole in the center of a damaged area of the ceiling. This allows pooled water to drain. Make sure the area underneath is protected with plastic and containers to catch the water.

After following these steps, call us right away to get professional assistance from our expert contractors.

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