Disaster Restoration Services

When disaster hits, whether it's a sudden fire, a devastating flood, or any other unexpected occurrence, the aftermath can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unclear about where to turn. That's where our complete disaster restoration services at Restoration Renegades come in, giving you the assistance, and resources you need to get back your property to a natural state.

We have a large network of restoration contractors who have done many restoration jobs like water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, storm damage restoration, and contents restoration using advanced tools and technologies.  Dial 817-203-2575 to learn more about our network of disaster restoration experts or click here to schedule services online. Our crews can also assist with insurance claims.

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Issues We Handle During Disaster Restoration of Your Property

Some post-disaster issues handled by Restoration Renegades:

  • Structural instability and damage: Earthquakes, fires, and storms can cause structural damage. Our post-disaster inspections determine the level of damage and allow us to plot a restoration strategy.
  • Hazardous substances: Hazardous chemicals can impact your property during a disaster. We provide cleaning and hazardous waste disposal services to restore a safe living or working environment.
  • Complications in electrical systems: Disasters often damage electrical systems. Our crews can repair these issues that disrupt everyday activities and jeopardize safety.

Find Your Local “Restoration Renegades” Today

Rely on Our Disaster Restoration Solutions for Your Property Across the USA

When you need to get the best disaster restoration services available in your local area, you need to reach out to Restoration Renegades. You can find local restoration experts who are part of our nationwide network by calling 817-203-2575 or clicking here to schedule services online. Some of the most popular disaster restoration services we provide include:

  • Disaster Cleanup Services: Our disaster cleanup services are intended to quickly restore order following an unforeseen event; clear debris, prevent future damages, and establish a secure atmosphere for the restoration procedure.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Our disaster recovery plans are specifically created to take you through each stage of the recovery process. Our strategies guarantee that nothing is neglected, from the initial inspection to the finishing touches.
  • Electronic Decontamination: Our electronic decontamination services are focused on recovering and repairing disaster-damaged electronic equipment.
  • Board-up Sevices: Our board-up service provides instant safety by securing entrance points, windows, and doors. We offer a foundation of security that allows you to focus on the restoration procedure.