Storm Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services

Storm Flood Damage

Strong hurricanes can leave a trail of destruction as they move through towns and cities. Strong winds can tear the roof off of a home. Debris can break windows and heavy rain can cause indoor water damage. In really bad cases like hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, major flooding can submerge entire cities, causing millions of dollars in devastated property, not to mention loss of lives.

When a storm-caused flood subsides, you’re usually left with the massive task of getting your life back to where it was prior to the disaster. Most people don't have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary for this kind of effort. For these complex and specialized jobs Restoration Renegades has the right company that is ready to help you.

Restoration Renegades is a network of professional restoration contractors who serve people in need of help all over the country. We specialize in bringing residential and commercial structures back to normal after they’re affected by both natural and man-made disasters. We have a wealth of experience in applying storm flood damage cleanup and restoration work to a wide variety of building types. If you’ve been hit by a hurricane, or for any other level of disaster or damage, we have the right company for you.

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Storms can Hurt You long After They’ve Passed

Storms can rage-on, sometimes very violently for hours and hours but they can actually do even more damage long after they’re gone. That's because the remaining floodwater and rain that the storms brought can linger hidden in your home or workplace, causing incremental damage over time. Water can weaken wood, initiate rusting on metals, create electrical fire hazards and ruin carpets. The longer the water and moisture stays in, the bigger the losses you can incur.

Damages After Storms

Unwanted water and moisture indoors can also create health hazards for your family or colleagues. Damp surfaces with organic matter such as wood, drywall, wallpaper and cork can serve as a breeding ground for mold. While you may think that mold is just the fuzzy stuff that grows on stale bread, it can actually pose a threat to people’s well-being. The spores that molds release into the air can irritate our skin and respiratory systems. In some cases, they can even produce toxins that can cause neurological issues when consistently inhaled.

Damp surfaces can also breed bacteria while attracting pests like flies, rats and cockroaches. The combination of harmful microbes and pests carrying them around can easily result in the contamination of food and water supplies.

To stop water damage in its tracks, you have to identify the parts of your property that may be harboring unwanted liquids. These spaces need to be drained, dehumidified and cleaned up. When parts of your building are beyond repair, they should be replaced to ensure safety for you and your property.

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Don’t let a hurricane keep piling up the losses for you and your property. Let Restoration Renegades and it's nation-wide network of highly experienced and trained contractors handle the task of cleaning up and restoring your home, or workplace, in the aftermath of disaster. As a nationwide network of professional restoration service providers, we have the ability to get to you practically anywhere you are in the US. We offer prompt responses to emergency calls, allowing you to keep total damages to a minimum.

Our prestigious companies work well with all major insurance companies, which facilitates the paperwork process to get started renewing or reconstructing your home, or place of business, back to its superior form.

For every restoration need that you may have, trust in the experience of the Restoration Renegades network to do the job right.

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