Restoration Services

Call a respected and well-qualified professional restoration company during fire and water damage emergencies. When flooding or any fire, smoke, mold, or water damages occur in your home, find your preferred professional home restoration company through Restoration Renegades. Trained technicians will arrive shortly to remove all water, dry the premises, clean up the debris, and repair your home. Qualified technicians can check for mold infestation, as water spills and leaks may lead to mold if not dried promptly.

IICRC Certified

It is important to remember that certain restoration contractors are IICRC certified and have extensive training in mold damage, fire damage, and water damage repair situations. Many restoration companies can also assemble commercial and industrial sized restoration resources for large fire and water damage cleanup jobs.

Additional Services

A home restoration company should provide crawl space and basement encapsulation solutions to prevent crawl space moisture problems. Some will provide a content salvaging service, invaluable when you need it most. Check for home restoration companies that provide comprehensive water damage restoration services all under one roof. The aim is to offer all of the essential services of water removal, cleanup, and repair solutions for home or property owners.

After qualified technicians assess and evaluate your particular water damage situation, they begin the water removal procedures to quickly dry out your property. Depending on the damage, water removal may be accomplished with water vacuums or sump pumps. Next, fans and dehumidifiers continue to remove moisture from the premises.

Drying and Mold Remediation

Comprehensive structural drying is crucial to successful restoration in order to prevent further water damage and mold growth. Your preferred company can make sure to check for hidden moisture spots behind walls and floorboards, as well as in crawl spaces and basements, to make sure that the property is completely dry. This allows the next step in the restoration project to commence. If mold is found, complete mold remediation steps are taken to ensure that it is eradicated from the premises, followed by thorough cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization of the area.

Content Restoration Facility

Depending on the extent of fire, smoke, mold, or water damages, contents may need to be removed from the property for the duration of the project. That is usually performed prior to the water removal and drying process. Furniture and personal belongings that need cleaning and repair are often taken to content restoration facilities until the restoration project is complete and items can be brought back into the home.

Direct Insurance Billing

All of the fire, smoke, mold, and water damage services can be tied together and complement each other for complete home restoration solutions. Many companies will provide the convenience of billing your insurance company directly to make things as simple as possible for you. All insurance claim paperwork is taken care of and submitted for you in a timely manner, so that you can attend to other matters.

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