Plumbing Leak Water Damage Restoration

Your residential or commercial property’s water system is one of the things that you should routinely check for damage. Leaks and pipe bursts can result in abnormally high water bills and water damage to your building. If you suspect plumbing leaks and damage in your home or workplace, contact Restoration Renegades immediately for a quick fix.

Water pipes may look durable, airtight and watertight on the surface but they can be damaged by excessive pressure and shock. Construction-related activities can damage water lines, resulting in hard-to-control gushes that can flood your property in a hurry.

Changes in water chemistry can also corrode the insides of pipes. When this happens, pinhole leaks can develop, wasting away water and creating damp spaces in areas of your building where water shouldn’t intrude. This can inflict  water damage to walls, floors and ceilings for months on end before you finally notice the problem and do something about it. Leaks can also pave the way for the contamination of your water supply, dropping its quality and making it a health risk for your structure’s occupants.

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Water Damage from Plumbing Leaks

While the prospect of water intruding your property seems more like a nuisance than a crisis, it’s actually a very serious matter that requires quick and decisive action. Water damage is a progressive problem: the more you wait on it, the worse it gets. Here are some of the issues you’re looking at when you let water have its way on your property:

  • Destruction of the Structure’s Permanent Parts – Water can corrode metals and weaken wood. Most homes rely heavily on these two principal materials along with concrete. When water damage sets in, you could be looking at costly reconstruction work soon.
  • Mold growth – Moisture and organic matter are the only prerequisites for mold to grow. When water intrusion happens, mold can thrive undetected indoors until it forms colonies. The colonies then release new spores to the air, which can cause skin and respiratory irritations on people. In some bad cases, mold can turn black and toxic. The toxins they create can cause neurological ailments that are difficult to treat and diagnose.
  • Air quality issues – Hidden pockets of water can make the air in your home or workplace musty and unpleasant. This can add to people’s stress levels, making them more fatigued than they should be and more susceptible to illness.
  • Fire hazard creation – When water from leaking g water lines seep into areas where electrical wiring runs, watch out. Any openings in the wire’s insulation can make contact with water, creating sparks and possibly causing a fire.
  • Damage to carpets and rugs – Water from pipes that are leaking under your floors can surface up, but stay concealed if you have rugs and carpets covering your crawl areas. Water weakens the backings of these floor coverings, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. It can also make your carpets a perfect breeding ground for germs, fungi and dust mites.

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Restoration Renegades goes beyond just stopping plumbing leak damage on your property. We’re a full-service restoration provider that not only patches up burst and leaky pipes – we make sure that whatever water damage you’ve incurred is addressed. We specialize in getting your property back to its form prior to the leak so you don’t have to worry about water tearing up your structure long after the leaking has been stopped.

Call us today and get friendly assistance from Restoration Renegade’s staff. We’ve got an entire network of technicians, vehicles and equipment in every part of the US and they’re standing by to help you out. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a quick response to even the most pressing emergencies that you may have. You may also leave us a message at our Contact Us page for general inquiries.