Drystar Restoration, LLC
Drystar Restoration, LLC
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Drystar Restoration Expert Damage Services in AZ

Drystar Restoration has been a leader in water damage restoration in Arizona since 2012. Dry Star is devoted to customer support and restoring your home or business back to pre loss condition. Our team of certified experts have an established record of outstanding response rates and also skilled mitigation expertise to lessen the disruption.

Dependable Water Damage

Specific moisture detecting tools are used to determine where the water has migrated. All of these areas are addressed and properly dried as well. Any structural damage is repaired or replaced. Great care and up to date techniques are used to prevent damage from warping, swelling, buckling and delaminating. Due to our timeliness and professionalism, odors, mold, and other health issues will be prevented or eliminated.‚Äč

Fire Damage Expert

The first 24 to 48 hours after fire damage are known as the “golden hours” of recovery. An effective emergency response that quickly stabilizes the facility ensures the recovery of as much property as possible. The acidic soot and smoke damage that is often produced when fires are extinguished accelerates the deterioration and corrosion of building components and vital assets. To compound the problem, fires are most frequently extinguished with dry chemicals or water. Plus, the toxic smoke odor left behind must be neutralized and deodorized.

 We lead in Mold Remediation

Inhalation exposure to mold Indoors can cause health effects in some people. Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions) that may cause irritants and in some cases, can produce potentially toxic substances or chemicals (mycotoxins). Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Mold does not have to be alive to cause an allergic reaction, whether dead or alive, mold can cause a reaction in some people.

Why Choose Us?

As a top-rated Phoenix water damage restoration company, Dry Star is committed to uphold a standard of integrity, bound by fairness, honesty and personal responsibility. What sets us apart from the competition is the quality of service we bring to our customers. We also have a high level of knowledge about our trade combined with our ability that makes us true professionals. Above all else, we care about our customers and make their needs and concerns the focus of everything we do.

Services Provided by Drystar Restoration, LLC

  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Damage Restoration

Customer Reviews for Drystar Restoration, LLC

(5.00 out of 5) - 2 reviews
Noah Box arrived on time for an emergency. Did a great job and was very professional!
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DryStar did an amazing job on my home and Noah took his time and went the extra mile to thoroughly explain the process o...
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