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ALM Property Damage Restoration Services in AZ

Lawrence Hampton founded ALM Services, LLC with his children, Samantha, Dylan and Kyle, in 2010 after an extensive career in commercial construction as a project director managing multi-million dollar asbestos abatement and mold remediation projects across the state of Arizona.  Though Lawrence still manages the larger asbestos and mold removal projects for many of his clients, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with his sons and investing in the next generation as his legacy in the industry.

Licensed Water  Damage

Licensed, bonded and insured, our specially trained crew offers professionalism with the experience, knowledge, and certifications to safely handle both the most difficult mitigation and restoration work. Customers appreciate our fast response times and drying methods designed to help prevent secondary damage and mold from setting into your home or business.

Fasted Mold Remediation

Many of us do not realize that we have a mold problem in our homes or offices until it’s too late.  You may notice discolored, black, brown, green, orange, or white colonies of mold on your ceilings, walls or flooring or smell a musty, moist odor. When this happens, tiny, lightweight mold spores have already traveled through the air in your environment, ready to make contact with everyone in their path through inhalation, skin contact and even ingestion.  Besides the health problems it can cause, such as allergic reactions, asthma episodes and infections, mold can also cause structural damage to your home or building that can be dangerous and costly.  Our rule with mold: If you can see it and smell it, have it removed!

Trusted Fire Damage

As a licensed restoration contractor, ALM Services strives to exceed fire, smoke and soot damage repair standards set forth by the state of Arizona and by the national Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Make sure your abatement, remediation and restoration work is performed by an Arizona-licensed contractor.  ALM Services is a Bonded, Insured and Licensed Restoration Contractor (#291874) that proudly serves the greater Phoenix area.

Why We Lead?

All of our field technicians are licensed and experienced in the field of asbestos removal, mold remediation, biohazard clean-up, fire and smoke damage, flood and water damage, storms and wind damage and asbestos testing. We are dedicated to meeting your project’s time constraints and schedule.

Services Provided by ALM Services, LLC

  • Water Damage Restoration

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(5.00 out of 5) - 2 reviews
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