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A broken pipe not only causes structural damage to the home, but also creates a health risk. Water backflows, one of the indicators of a burst pipe, can lead to water-borne infections. Mold, mildew, and other germs that thrive in high-moisture environments can trigger allergies and cause respiratory difficulty. Broken pipes can also cause electrical problems in the house, which can lead to other serious problems. The financial impact can be severe, even costing a homeowner the entire home.

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What Causes Broken Pipes?

Pipes can break for a variety reasons. Freezing is the most common cause of a broken pipe, and especially common in winter. Pipes that are old, broken, or poorly insulated, are likely to freeze when temperatures drop. When pipes freeze, water expands and can cause the pipe to burst due to the increased pressure.

In many situations, the harm becomes visible only after a freeze has passed. Water tends to leak more as it melts from within the pipe. A broken pipe can also be caused by a variety of factors: aged pipes, increased water pressure, blockage, tree roots, and poor quality.

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The sooner your water pipe is repaired, the sooner we can focus on drying out your property and recovering the water-damaged contents. Otherwise, risks such as mold, mildew, and poor indoor air quality may come back to bother you in the future. Click on the link to find your local contractor for yourself today!