Flooded Basement Clean Up

Basement flooding can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Plumbing floods
  • Water heater failures
  • Improper sealing on the flooring and walls
  • Seepage or flow through the walls or foundation floor
  • Surface water sources
  • Sanitary
  • Drainage tile failure 
  • Improperly installed downspouts
  • Natural disaster
  • Storm sewer backup and many more.

Basements are inherently prone to flooding. So it's crucial to take precautions and preventive measures at all times. But when flooding does occur always call professionals to restore your basement properly. 

Restoration Renegades is a network of leading restoration contractors from all over the country. Our service providers are local, licensed, insured, bonded, professional restoration companies who provide all kinds of water damage restoration services, including basement flooding clean-up.

Search for, and find, your preferred water damage restoration company now, based on zip code or "select service." Through Restoration Renegades, you will find the best restoration service provider in your locality!

Complete Water Removal & Drying Services

There are a number of important steps that are taken by our restoration contractors to ensure water is extracted properly and completely

Our range of flood restoration services can include: 

Basement Inspection

Proper inspection is crucial to find the most suitable water damage restoration process and method for your scenario as each damage and house condition will be different. 

Water Removal

This is one of the most important initial steps to fixing your basement. Our Renegades can get the water out, and provide fast, complete pumping services to remove the floodwaters.

Debris Removal

While preserving your possessions is always preferable, some things simply can't be saved, including building materials like drywall and carpet. In that case, you have the option for debris removal.


With ventilation and fans, your basement will be dried out completely to ensure that there is no remaining standing water in the space.


In many cases, the damage from the mold after a flood can be as big a problem as the flood itself. Our contractors’ thorough cleaning will ensure that your basement is free of bacteria that can cause future problems in your home.

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Other Water Damage Services Our Contractors Can Offer

  • Residential & Commercial Plumbing
  • Plumbing Overflow Cleanup
  • Appliance Leak Cleanup
  • Burst & Frozen Pipe Repair
  • Structural Restoration
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Carpet Water Damage and many more.

Choose Our Renegades For the Best Water Damage Restoration Solution

Our Renegades have expert technicians who are available 24/7 for emergency services. Our team is well equipped to quickly and efficiently remove excess moisture and water from your home or business and prevent further water damage from occurring. Additionally, they can also create customized solutions according to your needs and budget. You can also get free consultation and estimates. 

So search for, and find, your preferred basement flooding water clean-up contractor now, based on zip code or "select service." Through Restoration Renegades, you will find the best restoration service provider in your locality!