Appliance Leak Tips for Alaska, Colorado

Water-holding appliances should all be inspected once a year, such as washing machines, ice makers, dishwashers, water heaters. If left unchecked, a little leak or trickle may quickly escalate into a much larger problem, resulting in mold infestation or household flooding, as well as property destruction and water damage.

Restoration Renegades is a trustable and specialized restoration company in Alaska, California, Colorado, and other services areas. It is important to notice the damage right away otherwise it might put you at a bigger cost. You can call us at 817-203-2575 for further information.

Washing Machine Overflow

Washing Machine Overflow

Faulty or broken supply lines are the most common source of water damage from washing machines. Look for symptoms of failure, such as blisters in the hose, worn tubing, and loose fittings, and inspect them frequently. Because washing machine supply lines are pressurized, even a tiny leak may quickly flood a home.

Water Heater Failure

When a water heater is five years old or older, the chances of a leak or burst rise substantially, and 75% of all water heaters fail before they are 12 years old. When a leak occurs, scorching hot water rushes out and fills the area around the heater. If immediate action is not done, the flooding might spiral out of control, allowing water to infiltrate other areas of the house.

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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Restoration Renegades is a nationwide network of repair professionals who offer a variety of services, including water damage restoration, in all 50 states. In every stage of the restoration process, our contractors follow all local norms and regulations. Our expert team is ready to take on any installation, repair, replacement, or cleanup problems you may have for us, armed with field-proven gear and a wealth of expertise. Our objective is to help you reclaim your regular life. We're ready to take on that task 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

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