Appliance Leak Tips for Alaska, Colorado

Water-holding appliances should be inspected for maintenance or problems at least yearly. Washing machines, ice makers, dishwashers or water heaters, left unchecked, can turn a small leak into much larger issue. Mold damage or further destruction from flooding or standing water can cause worse headaches.

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Washing Machine Overflow

Renegades Restoration Washing Machine Overflow Tips

Faulty or broken supply lines are the most common source of water damage from washing machine leaks. Look for symptoms of failure, such as blisters in the hose, worn tubing, and loose fittings, and inspect them frequently. Because washing machine supply lines are pressurized, even a tiny leak may quickly flood a home.

Renegades Restoration Water Heater Failure Tips

When a water heater is five years old or older, the chances of a leak or burst rise substantially, and 75% of all water heaters fail before they are 12 years old. When a water heater leak occurs, scorching hot water rushes out and fills the area around the heater. Without immediate action, flooding can spiral out of control, allowing water to damage other areas of your home.

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